Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daily Painting Blog Created Valentine's Day 2009

A labor of love? I hope so! Inspired by the works of many artists who ingeniously created many small works of art and sold them on eBay, I decided to finally join in and create my own daily painting blog. Ive sold lots of artwork on eBay already. I think this will be a fine step forward to bring my work to the next level.

Im going to take a different path than most of the other daily painters that Ive seen though. I love to do fantasy illustrations and could be seen drawing fantasy subjects since I was a very young child. I love the wonderful still lifes, landscapes, and portraiture Ive seen most of the daily painters do, and I definitely want to partake. I would also like to make some small format sized fantasy paintings too though. Works influenced by my passion for illustration and narrative arts. We'll see, I guess. Im going to get some paintings up here and update as often as I can.

I hope to work it so that I get to a pace of making one new painting every day.

I hope you will enjoy the works you see on this blog...

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